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NUI Verification Services Inc. (NUI) is a Canadian owned and operated business that has been conducting home, farm and commercial inspections, risk analysis and replacement evaluations across the nation since 2004. The management team has over 70 years of combined insurance inspection experience and has successfully serviced some of the largest insurance institutions in the Country.

NUI Verification Services Inc. has a well trained and experienced staff of inspectors. The core team of inspectors are located all across Canada and are comprised of WETT Certified, extensively trained and motivated individuals that focus on providing accurate and timely risk assessment data from the field to finger tips of our clients.


Our technology and B2B communication suite is fast, powerful and easy to use. Our clients rely on our ability to connect their underwriters, brokers and policy holders to the information they require anywhere, anytime


Meticulous and highly trained inspection & quality assurance staff. Most of our inspectors have been in the industry for several decades and have “seen it all”. Main-Street Value, High Value, Farm and Commercial expertise


Our pricing is very competitive, flexible and due to our fine tuned system, we can offer a customizable quality service at a very reasonable price. NUI can handle any size project or budget.

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Our Services

NUI has an array of products and services to assist our clients requirements


NUI specializes in full interior & exterior inspections that focus on replacement value, liabilities, hazards, health and safety issues and are accompanied by a wide variety of supplements.


Have small business or commercial properties you need inspected? NUI has services to help identify replacement values and potential deficiencies.


NUI has a qualified and experienced Farm inspection team that will help you assess full operational dairy, hog, chicken or personal hobby farm risks.


Something outside of the box? External only inspections? Oil tank initiatives? NUI has developed custom services, products and reporting tools to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Contact us for an analysis of your needs today.

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